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Below are answers to some of the common questions we receive about the Sydney Startup Hub.

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General FAQs

Where is the Sydney Startup Hub?

The Sydney Startup Hub is located at 11-31 York Street, Sydney (opposite Wynyard Park).

What are the opening hours?

The Sydney Startup Hub will be open from 8.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday.

Extended opening hours apply for evening events (attendees only).

Note: level 1 is closed on public holidays.

How do I apply to be in the Sydney Startup Hub?

Startups and entrepreneurs can apply for desk space in the Sydney Startup Hub via our tenants.

The starting line-up includes:

Please contact these organisations directly for enquiries about desk space.

When was the Sydney Startup Hub founded?

The project was announced in July 2017, operations began in late 2017, and it became fully operational in early 2018.

Who operates the Sydney Startup Hub?

The Sydney Startup Hub is a NSW Government initiative led by Investment NSW.

Who can use the meeting rooms located on level one?

Meeting rooms are only available to residents of the Sydney Startup Hub with a maximum of 90 minutes usage per person, per day. Bookings for the meeting rooms are to be made in advance via the booking app. Residents should speak with their community manager for further information on this app.

There are also chat rooms available on level one for non-residents, however these are only for short term use (15 minutes or less) and cannot be booked in advance.

Tenants FAQs

Where can I find out more about who is in the Sydney Startup Hub and their programs?

Read about our tenants in the Residents section. For more information about the individual startups, desk space or programs, please contact these organisations directly.

Regional Landing Pad FAQs

What support will the Sydney Startup Hub provide to regional startups and hubs?

Supporting the NSW regional startup community is a priority for NSW Treasury, with regional entrepreneurs essential to jobs growth in their local communities.

The Sydney Startup Hub will support activity in regional NSW by enabling regional startups to more easily access networks, potential customers and investment. It will provide a gateway for regional entrepreneurs to tap into the broader metropolitan startup community and vice versa.

The Regional Landing Pad on level one provides a dedicated area with specialist support and facilities for regional entrepreneurs visiting Sydney, and provides a connection to startup hubs outside the Sydney metropolitan area.

Who can access the Regional Landing Pad?

If your startup is registered outside of metropolitan Sydney, Newcastle or Wollongong, you can book space. If you are unsure if your suburb is classified as regional please contact reception.

Given the extent of startup activity in Wollongong and Newcastle, we welcome entrepreneurs from these areas for day visits only, if space allows.

How much does it cost to use the Regional Landing Pad?

Nothing. It’s free for eligible users.

What facilities are available in the Regional Landing Pad?

The Regional Landing Pad is free to use and provides short-term access to a range of facilities including:

  • a 12-person conference room and a 3-person meeting room that can be booked for up to 4 hours
  • 12 dedicated desks that can be booked up to 3 days at a time
  • a collaboration area

How can I access the Regional Landing Pad?

Access to the Regional Landing Pad must be booked in advance.

To enquire about availability and reserve desk space email or call us on (02) 4908 4833.

Why is the Sydney Startup Hub located in Sydney and not a regional location?

Sydney is the natural innovation entry point for entrepreneurs and startups to access the broad range of opportunities across NSW including investment, information, technology and networks.

Government support FAQs

Why is the NSW Government involved in creating a startup hub?

In the six years to 2014, 100 per cent of all net jobs growth in NSW came from small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)*.

This underpins the need for government to invest in strengthening the startup and SME community, as they are the powerhouse of job creation.

The NSW Government is dedicated to making it easier to do business in NSW and providing an economy that ensures the highest business confidence when compared with any other state in the country.

The NSW Government is working hard to secure Sydney as a national innovation district, strengthening Sydney’s place in the global innovation network and encouraging entrepreneurs to start their businesses. It has been listening to industry and the startup ecosystem and has designed the hub to provide startups with access to networks, skills, funding and leadership from one central, high-density startup cluster.

*Source: Jobs for the Future Report.

What are the objectives of the Sydney Startup Hub?

We have three main objectives:

  • support the creation of new jobs across NSW
  • increase the diversity of the NSW startup community with more startups from regional NSW and non-ICT industries
  • grow the size and strength of the Sydney startup ecosystem.

What other support does Jobs for NSW provide startups and rapidly scaling businesses?

Jobs for NSW provides financial support — including grants, loans and loan guarantees — to startups and fast-growth SMEs. Startups may benefit from our Minimum Viable Product or Building Partnership grants. Emerging businesses may be more suited to our loan products.

What is the cost of the Sydney Startup Hub?

The NSW Government will invest $35 million through Jobs for NSW over the next five years.

Are there similar initiatives in other parts of the world?

Yes. A number of global peers have startup hubs of a similar nature, however, none have government investment. Examples include:

  • Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) in Boston
    • In operation for almost 20 years
    • Supporting high-growth companies
    • CIC companies have created an estimated 40,000 jobs
  • Station F in Paris
    • Aims to be the largest startup campus in the world
    • Will house up to 1,000 startups alongside incubators, accelerators, investors, and leading companies such as Facebook

Level one community facilities FAQs

What community facilities and resources are available on level one of the Sydney Startup Hub?

Level one of the Sydney Startup Hub features a range of facilities for use by the startup community including:

  • flexible event spaces
  • a theatrette
  • a collaborative, community workspace
  • a pop-up demonstration space
  • a Regional Landing Pad
  • a startup concierge service
  • reception desk and waiting area
  • a cafe
  • free wi-fi
  • bookable meeting rooms (for residents only).

Will organisations that are outside the Sydney Startup Hub be able to use the facilities in the level one community and events space?

Yes. The Sydney Startup Hub is geared to supporting, showcasing and connecting startups with the wider metropolitan, regional, national and international community. So in addition to the Sydney Startup Hub’s residents, we welcome thousands of visitors each year, as well as providing pop-up spaces for businesses and organisations.

Please note:

  • the level one areas are for use for startup related activities (e.g. events, demonstrations, meetings or meetups organised by and/or for the NSW startup community)
  • casual guests wishing to use the community workspace and wi-fi should head to the reception desk on arrival
  • bookable meeting rooms are only available for residents
  • access to the other floors of the building is restricted as they are in use by tenants.

Who can use the meeting rooms located on level one?

Meeting rooms are only available to residents of the Sydney Startup Hub with a maximum of 90 minutes usage per person, per day. Meeting rooms must be booked in advance.

There are also chat rooms available on level one for non-residents, however these are only for short term use (15 minutes or less) and cannot be booked in advance.

Additional support FAQs

How can suppliers find out about opportunities at the Sydney Startup Hub?

If you are interested in supplying to the organisations in the Sydney Startup Hub, please contact them directly.

For more information about becoming a government supplier visit the  NSW Government Procurepoint website.

How can I keep up with the latest happenings at the Sydney Startup Hub?

You can follow Jobs for NSW on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and search for #Sydstartuphub. You can also subscribe to our newsletter using the form below.

The tenants at the Sydney Startup Hub promote their events directly. Typically this is done via social media, their websites or event sites such as Meet Up and Eventbrite.

Where can I go for more information or to provide feedback?

The Sydney Startup Hub reception desk opens early 2018.

For enquiries email

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