Startup Hub Bindi Mapped

Sydney Startup Hub installs BindiMaps indoor wayfinding system

Startup founders and their visitors who are blind or vision impaired will now have much better access to the Sydney Startup Hub, thanks to the installation of BindiMaps in the building.

BindiMaps, an Australian startup, is providing property owners and managers with a radically better way of helping the vision impaired navigate indoor buildings and public spaces.

The Sydney Startup Hub is the first facility of its kind to install BindiMaps, which uses a network of Bluetooth beacons and everyday spoken language to guide users via their smart phones to their destinations. The app also provides a map view with a route line for sighted users to follow.

NSW Minister for Jobs Stuart Ayres said he was pleased that the Sydney Startup Hub was now more accessible to visitors and tenants of the hub who have poor vision.

“The NSW Government is backing innovative solutions that will help transform accessibility and open up public spaces to the blind and vision-impaired community.

”Initiatives like BindiMaps help blind and vision-impaired people navigate areas which may otherwise prove challenging due to the predominant use of signs and sounds in noisy areas for navigation. By installing this technology we’re helping people more independently make their way around the Sydney Startup Hub.”

Minister for Disability Services Gareth Ward said the app is helping create a more inclusive society.

“BindiMaps is using cutting edge technology to revolutionise the way people with a vision impairment navigate unfamiliar places,” Mr Ward said.

“I am delighted to see the Sydney Startup Hub adopt this technology, which is removing barriers and empowering people with vision impairment to lead active and fulfilling lives.”

BindiMaps co-founder and CEO Dr Anna Wright said she was proud to be working with the Sydney Startup Hub and pleased that such an important NSW Government facility was embracing innovation when it comes to accessibility.

“With BindiMaps, the technology is there to provide independent access to people who are blind or have low vision, something that has not been possible before,” she said.

“Providing this kind of access opens up public spaces and associated opportunities for people who are blind or vision impaired and makes it easier for businesses and to take advantage of their skills and knowledge.”

The Sydney Startup Hub installation is a major milestone for BindiMaps, which is rolling out its technology in shopping centres, educational campuses and other buildings across Australia.